Download book from google books online THE BRIDGE

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Download book from google books online THE BRIDGE

THE BRIDGE KINGDOM by Danielle L. Jensen

Download book from google books online THE BRIDGE KINGDOM


  • Danielle L. Jensen
  • Page: 354
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781733090322
  • Publisher: Context Literary Agency LLC


Download book from google books online THE BRIDGE KINGDOM

What if you fell in love with the one person you'd sworn to destroy? Lara has only one thought for her husband on their wedding day: I will bring your kingdom to its knees. A princess trained from childhood to be a lethal spy, Lara knows that the Bridge Kingdom represents both legendary evil - and legendary promise. The only route through a storm-ravaged world, the Bridge Kingdom controls all trade and travel between lands, allowing its ruler to enrich himself and deprive his enemies, including Lara's homeland. So when she is sent as a bride under the guise of fulfilling a treaty of peace, Lara is prepared to do whatever it takes to fracture the defenses of the impenetrable Bridge Kingdom. But as she infiltrates her new home - a lush paradise surrounded by tempest seas - and comes to know her new husband, Aren, Lara begins to question where the true evil resides. Around her, she sees a kingdom fighting for survival, and in Aren, a man fiercely protective of his people. As her mission drives her to deeper understanding of the fight to possess the bridge, Lara finds the simmering attraction between her and Aren impossible to ignore. Her goal nearly within reach, Lara will have to decide her own fate: Will she be the destroyer of a king or the savior of her people?

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